Geographic Expertise

Having worked in various Multinationals across industries and locations in Asia, Vivek and Rajat, possess deep expertise in Asia-Pacific markets with 6 decades of combined experience between them in Asia. Through this journey, they have helped hundreds of organizations across Asia-Pacific achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.

We possess extensive experience helping clients navigate the unique business landscapes and nuances across this diverse and complex region. We leverage our deep insights into the cultural, regulatory, demographic, and technological dynamics shaping Asia’s rapidly transforming business environment.

We help clients develop tailored strategies that harness the significant opportunities presented by Asia's rapidly rising consumer base, expanding middle class, and digital transformation. Our Asia-Pacific expertise also includes supporting global multinationals from the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East with market entry, regional expansion, and optimization of their existing operations in the region. By combining our global best practices with local knowledge and connections, we enable our clients to navigate Asia-Pacific's complex diversity of economies, geographies, and stakeholders to succeed in the long term.