Our Expertise - Functional

Strategy Development


Strategy development in transaction banking, treasury services and foreign exchange is crucial for banks to compete effectively, acquire more clients and boost revenue. Banks need to determine what products and services will differentiate them from competitors, how to price and distribute these offerings, and what technologies and processes will support execution of the strategy. Strategic partnerships may unlock access to new markets and capabilities. Finsight can help you develop a holistic and integrated strategy focused on some of the below areas

Client segmentation
Help clients identify and segment their client base by industry, size, transaction volumes, etc. Recommend the most relevant products and services for each segment.

Product portfolio
Assess the client's existing product portfolio and recommend areas for expansion or reduction. Suggest new products to address market gaps and client needs.

Pricing strategy
Evaluate the client's pricing strategy to ensure it covers costs while still being competitive. Recommend ways to optimize pricing for maximum profitability.

Technology roadmap
Develop a roadmap for technology and system upgrades to improve client experience, productivity and risk management. Suggest tools like API banking, digitization, AI/ML.

Process optimization
Identify areas for process automation, standardization and streamlining to reduce manual work and errors. Recommend best practices.

Risk management
Recommend enhancements to the client's risk management frameworks for areas like liquidity risk, market risk, credit risk and operational risk.

Organization structure
Assess if the client's structure supports their strategy. Recommend changes to reporting lines, roles and responsibilities for better execution.

Evaluate opportunities for strategic partnerships, alliances and outsourcing arrangements to access new client segments, products and technologies.

Change management
Recommend change management strategies to ensure successful implementation of the new strategy across the business. Address factors affecting adoption and cultural resistance.



Effective sales strategy is critical for driving growth. Sales processes must be optimized to improve conversion rates while sales managers require thorough training to properly engage customers. Compensation plans should incentivize the right behaviors and sales performance. Marketing plays an important support role by providing sales enablement tools. The sales funnel must be closely managed through progress tracking systems and analytics. Metrics and KPIs provide visibility into sales performance at both the individual and team level. Finally, change management is essential to transition the sales organization to implement the new strategy. With leading industry experts in Sales, Finsight can help in the following areas

Sales process
Evaluate and optimize the current sales process to improve customer experience, sales conversion rates and productivity. Implement best practices.

Analyze the effectiveness of different sales channels like direct sales force, partners, tele/digital sales. Recommend the right mix of channels to support the strategy.

Review the sales incentive structure to ensure it aligns sales activities with strategic objectives. Recommend performance-based compensation plans.

Sales funnel management
Implement a system to track leads, opportunities and pipeline to give visibility into sales performance and risks. Identify pipeline leakages.

Salesforce training
Develop tailored training programs to equip the sales team with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to execute the sales strategy effectively.

Marketing support
Recommend how marketing can generate qualified leads and support the sales team through Data Analytics, AI triggers, content, and Events.

Define KPIs to measure and monitor sales performance at individual and team levels. Implement dashboards and reports.

Change management
Recommend how to transition the sales organization from the current state to the new strategy. Address cultural shifts, change adoption and resistance.

Customer Service


Banks need to deliver exceptional customer service to thrive in transaction banking, treasury services and foreign exchange. A customer-centric approach focused on continuously improving the overall experience across all touchpoints is key. Banks must optimize the mix of service channels to meet evolving customer preferences while leveraging automation and technology to enhance efficiency and consistency. Training programs can help service agents build the skills and knowledge needed to resolve customer issues. Segmenting the customer base allows for personalized service levels based on needs. With market leading industry expertise in Customer Service, Finsight can help advise on

Customer experience
Understand the end-to-end customer journey and identify touchpoints to improve the overall experience. Recommend technology, process and organizational changes.

Service channels
Evaluate the different service channels used by customers like branches, call centers, online banking, chat, mobile etc. Recommend the optimal mix of channels.

Recommend opportunities for automation through tools like AI, RPA to reduce manual work and improve service efficiency and consistency.

Employee training
Develop tailored training programs for customer service employees to build requisite skills like product knowledge, customer communication and issue resolution.

Account segmentation
Recommend segmenting customers based on attributes like transaction volumes, product usage and risk profiles to provide segmented service.

Service level agreements
Define SLAs that align with customer expectations and needs. Review current performance against SLAs and recommend improvements.

Metrics and monitoring
Establish KPIs to measure customer service performance at different levels. Implement dashboards and reporting systems to track, analyze and improve performance.

Complaint management
Evaluate current processes to handle customer complaints and recommend improvements to quickly and satisfactorily resolve issues.

Change management
Develop strategies to transition the organization to implement changes needed to enhance customer service. Address cultural shifts, adoption roadblocks and resistance.

Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is using digital technologies, create new or modify existing processes and ensuring positive internal user /customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. It needs a reimagining of the end to end process/solutions. But more importantly, it needs to be agile, cost effective and meeting the strategy and transformation ambitions set out by the C suite. Finsight can help clients

  • In identifying the trends shaping the CX/UX that need the transformation.
  • In scoping the SaaS options that can best fit and deliver for changes/requirements.
  • Assemble the right solutions by blending existing architecture with the new requirements.
  • Finding the right digital solutions that cater to multiple requirements that make the exercise cost effective.
  • Finding the right balance between commercial success and non-financial risk metrics/adherence.
  • Finding the most agile and cost-effective solutions that provide the efficiency/automation.
  • Finding the right balance between automation and people requirements to ensure commercial success.

Data Analytics & AI


Recent polls have suggested that agility and use of data and analytics is a must needed pillar for survival in the Web 3.0 world. The challenge is to find the best way to do data extraction, complexities of data access and most importantly how to make machine learning/AI (artificial intelligence) produce AI (actionable intelligence). It has to cost effective and meeting the strategy and transformation ambitions set out by the C suite. Finsight can help clients

  • In identifying the right data sources and data access protocols that need to be in place for the extraction.
  • In scoping the SaaS options that can best deliver the data extracts to the relevant users.
    Importantly, how to leverage the data extraction for multiple uses basis the protocols.
  • In ensuring the right education and putting in place the process needed for adherence to the protocols – internal as well as external/regulatory.
  • Assemble the right digital/automation solutions that make the data analytics efficient and effective.
  • Finding the right digital solutions to use the analytics for CX/platforms to use in delivering the propositions and products.
  • Finding the right balance between commercial success and non-financial risk metrics/adherence.
  • Finding the right balance between automation and people requirements to ensure commercial success.

Learning and Development


A big challenge for organizations is to ensure the upskilling of the most important resource – the people. Crucial to this is the learning and development program that organizations have. To ensure they stay relevant, agile and most importantly with a modern feel that the people relate to. At the same time finding a hybrid way to make use of technology/digital but still make it personal and exciting. Ensuring a cost effective way to help deliver this. Finsight can help clients

  •  Bringing in a combined experience of nearly 60 years in financial services in multiple fields.
  • Cash Management, Global Markets & Foreign Exchange, Strategy & Transformation are some of the topics that Finsight brings in the authenticity to generate the interest.
  • By ensuring the right balance of participation and imparting the experience gained in multiple initiatives, RFPs, sales, transformation/strategy.
  • To use across the organization as the relevance is for the C suite as well as team heads/associates as required.
  • In bringing in the solutions/partnerships to help deliver these with the best combination of in-person and AR/VR that is now possible with the new technologies.